JusTay EvalWriter evaluation evaluations

JusTay EvalWriter evaluation evaluations

Have you ever written an evaluation in less than 15 minutes?

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Now you can.

JusTay Computer Solutions, Inc. provides the EvalWriter line of software products.

EvalWriter can greatly reduce the time required to generate several types of therapy-related evaluation reports.

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Customer testimonial:

"I am so dependent on this program, I don't what to think about doing my job without it. JusTay eval writer has made my job so much easier"


"I would not have been able to survive the past 2-3 years without your eval writer. I have a high case load in 2 districts.  This gives me the structure I need to type late at night and know it will cue me not to leave data out.  I do a more though evaluation and am happier with my reports.  The learning curve for me was very high.  I am an older therapist and so working with computers is a longer process.  It use to take me 3 hours to type a report, now it takes me only about an hour and I am getting faster.  I can't thank you enough for making it possible to keep up with my work load and support my family.  By next year I should have flying fingers and even greater reports!  I have had younger therapists new to the school tell me they take 2 1/2 to 3 hours to type reports also."


"Even in one day my productivity has skyrocketed and my clients are very impressed in getting the evaluation report the same day!"

-Ivan B.

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